There is a growing interest from the industries, mainly Italian, even large ones, with which ASTRI is in contact. The ones that have been involved are the following:

  • BCV Progetti, Milan. The analysis and structural design of the SST CTA / ASTRI prototype and the mirror structure was carried out in collaboration with BCV.
  • Tomelleri spa, Verona. The preliminary mechanical design of the SST CTA / ASTRI prototype was carried out in collaboration with Tomelleri.
  • GEC Consortium (Galbiati EIE Consortium) The final design and production of the mechanical structure of the telescope installed at Serra La Nave and of the first three structures of the mini-array has been done by this consortium.
  • Media Lario, Lecco. The innovative replication technique for making thin glass-based mirrors has been developed in collaboration with Media Lario. Contracts were in place with UCLA (California, USA), after the development carried out with INAF.
  • ZAOT, Milan. The coating developed by ZAOT for Cherenkov mirrors, already tested by INAF on MAGIC II mirrors, has very good performance and resistance.
  • Officine Dell’Oro, Lecco. The integration mold for replicas of particularly performing mirrors. Contracts were also in place with UCLA (California, USA) IFJ (Poland) after the development carried out with INAF. And University of Geneva for mirror SST mirrors.
  • EIE Group, Venice. Preliminary study foundations for CTA south site in Chile.
  • Thermacore Italy and UK. Active camera temperature control system.
  • Novasis, Italy. Voltage distribution boards for the ASTRI camera.
  • Colombo Optical Laboratory, Lecco. Realization of light guides.
  • Mindway, Milan. Development of FPGA and BEE boards for the prototype ASTRI camera.
  • Hamamatsu Italia. Prototype sensors developed exclusively for the prototype ASTRI camera.
  • Excelitas, USA / Germany. Development of prototype sensors for the future CTA array.
  • Weeroc / Omega, France. Developments of a customized ASIC for the prototype ASTRI camera, with participation in INAF intellectual property.

Flabeg-FE, Germany. Slumping glass for ASTRI telescope mirrors.


In order to collaborate with the companies involved in the implementation of the sub-systems for the project, the International Application no. PCT / IB2016 / 056937 on behalf of the National Institute of Astrophysics entitled “Apparatus and method for the non-invasive inspection of solid bodies by means of muon imaging“.

The application in question was filed on 17.11.2016 with the competent office claiming the priority of the Italian patent application n. 102015000075497.

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