INDACO (INaf per la Divulgazione di Astri e CtaO) is the INAF team devoted to Outreach & Education of astrophysics at extremely high energies (TeV) for the ASTRI and CTAO projects.

Our aim is to bring very high energy astrophysics to the public, telling both the scientific and the technological challenges that are pushing Cherenkov astronomy several steps forward in the very near future.

ASTRI Miniarray is an INAF led project, with nine 4-meter, dual mirror class Cherenkov telescopes to be installed on the Teide mountain in Tenerife (Spain). ASTRI Miniarray will observe the sky at energies of the order of 1-300 TeV. The first telescope has been already mounted, and will be completed with its focal plane camera in a few months. It can be consider a precursor of the larger CTAO, since it is planned to start its observation (at least in a 3-telescope configuration) in a couple of years.

CTAO is an international project that will lead to the deployment of two Cherenkov telescope arrays located one in the Southern Hemisphere (Chile) and one in the Northern Hemisphere (Canary Islands, Spain). It will feature three classes of telescopes (Small, Medium and Large Sized) in order to cover an unprecedented wide energy range: 20 GeV to 300 TeV.

The team

Anna Wolter (team leader) – INAF OA Brera Milano

Elena Amato – INAF OA Arcetri

Caterina Boccato – INAF OA Padova

Giacomo Bonnoli – INAF OA Brera Merate

Martina Cardillo – INAF IAPS Roma

Laura Daricello – INAF OA Palermo

Federico Di Giacomo – INAF OA Padova

Giuseppe Fiasconaro – INAF IASF Palermo

Mauro Fiorini – INAF IASF Milano

Antonino La Barbera – INAF IASF Palermo

Valentina La Parola – INAF IASF Palermo

Giuseppe Leto – INAF OA Catania

Barbara Olmi – INAF OA Arcetri

Laura Paganini – INAF OA Brera Milano

Adamantia Paizis – INAF IASF Milano

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