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This work was conducted in the context of the ASTRI Project thanks to the support of the Italian Ministry of Univer- sity and Research (MUR) as well as the Ministry for Economic Development (MISE), with funds explicitly assigned to the Ital- ian National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF). We acknowledge the support of the Brazilian Funding Agency FAPESP (Grant 2013/10559-5) and the South African Department of Science and Technology through Funding Agreement 0227/2014 for the South African Gamma-Ray Astronomy Program. IAC is supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICIU). They are partially supported by H2020-ASTERICS, a project funded by the European Commission Framework Pro- gramme Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation action under grant agreement n. 653477. The ASTRI project is becoming a reality thanks to Giovanni ”Nanni” Bignami, Nicolo ”Nichi” D’Amico, two outstanding scientists who, in their capability as INAF Presidents, provided continuous support and invaluable guidance. While Nanni was instrumental in starting the ASTRI telescope, Nichi transformed it into the Mini Array in Tenerife. Now the project is being built owing to the unfaltering support of Marco Tavani, the current INAF President. Paolo Vettolani and Filippo Zerbi, the past and current INAF Science Directors, and Massimo Cappi, the Coordinator of the High Energy branch of INAF, have been also very supportive of our work. We are very grateful to all of them. Unfortunately, Nanni and Nichi passed away, but their vision still guides us. This article has gone through the internal ASTRI review process.

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This work was conducted in the context of the ASTRI Project. We gratefully acknowledge support from the people, agencies, and organisations listed here: This paper went through the internal ASTRI review process.

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