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Tenerife’s fire

Last night the fire in the Island reached the Observatory. As we hear from the Director of IAC, Rafael Rebolo, the situation is not as dire as could have been without measures, but still not completely under control. Dear CCI members and User Institutions We have managed to prevent damage to the OT facilities by […]

ASTRI – Mini-Array is now connected to the world!

Caption: Salvatore Scuderi, Alessandro Tacchini, Giuseppe Malaspina, Marcello Lodi, Fulvio Gianotti, Christine Grivel with the monolith m-ICT connected to the world. (Credits: Giuseppe Malaspina) May 2022 – This last April, in Izana in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), at the astronomical site of the Teide Observatory, an important result was achieved towards the installation of the […]

Contract signed for ASTRI Mini-Array cameras

On July, 13th 2021 at INAF-IASF in Palermo, the contract for the production of the ASTRI Mini-Array cameras has been signed by the ASTRI PI Giovanni Pareschi and delegates for choseon companies – CAEN spa and EIE group in addition to other smaller companies. The cameras will be fitted to the 9 ASTRI Mini-Array telescopes […]

Search for the most energetic photon – Gamma rays open a window

For the first time, the Gamma-ray sky at PeV energies was opened to observations. The Chinese experiment Lhaaso (Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory), after almost a year of observations, found 12 cosmic accelerators in our Galaxy. The recorded photon energy exceeds the “psychological threshold” of the 1 PeV (Petaelettronvolt = 10^15 eV, that is, […]